Blocq van Kuffeler

Pier at The Blocq van Kuffeler in Almere, Netherlands. During the night some 3 tonnes sailing yachts with tourists, often from Germany or the UK, plus the 300 tonnes fishing boat from Urk.

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Sailing on the Markermeer

My daughter is an experienced sailer. A few weeks ago, while sailing in Friesland, she spotted a sailboat for sale. She knows market prices and it took her less than five minutes to make, what she thought, a good deal.

And she was right. It needs some minor repairs, a …

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Bike GPS position reporting from OsmAnd

Instead of using dedicated equipment for navigation such as a Garmin eTrex or something comparable, I use a smartphone. A phone I will have with me anyways, so it saves me bringing another piece of equipment. Also a phone usually has a much better interface than the Garmins, it integrates …

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Bike GPS navigation

Biking long distances means you will need some kind of navigation aid. Paper maps are mostly gone except as a backup measure. Some people use TomTom-like systems specially designed for bikes, but nowadays you don't need these special tools anymore: your smartphone will do just fine. And it doesn't have …

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Icecream vendor

I am currently scanning slides and colour negatives. Thousands and thousands, and then there is another couple of thousands waiting from family members. And now I see a picture that I took in Moscow, 1994, with an icecream vendor selling icecream. At minus 20 degrees Celcius.

Parasol against the tropical …

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Whole bunch of Solex bikes.

I used to have a Panasonic LX-3 which made excellent B&W photos out of the box. Now I have  an Olympus E-P2 which is supposed to be the better camera, but the B&W renderings are dull and flat. Fortunately no more need for …

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Vladivostok Other observations

Other observations

  • I had zero problems with my bike. The Shimano gear system worked flawlessly, absolutely faultless. I remember going to France when I was 16 years old with the old metal shifters on the frame and I was worried that the modern plastic clicky things are too fragile and …

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